Restaurant Amador

As one of the top 10 restaurants in Malaga, Restaurante Amador truly offers one of the best culinary experiences in southern Spain. Chef Amador presents internationally inspired dishes, with inspiration taken from his work experience in Vietnam, London, Holland, and France. A personal and creative touch is applied to every plate that leaves the kitchen, leaving guests to enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine, but with an innovative flair. Guests of the hotel may choose from a daily gourmet menu and a la carte options. As well, tasting menus are available on a daily basis. The elegant culinary experience accompanied by the magnificent views will leave a lasting impression!

Guests are able to indulge in the superb cuisine of renowned Chef Amador Fernandez and his self-named restaurant, Restaurante Amador. From the prestigious art and a carefully selected music, guests are able to relish in the true Andalusian experience. Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and city can be enjoyed from within the main dining room or on the panoramic covered terrace. As well, the professional staff will ensure that every meal at Restaurante Amador is turned into a special occasion.

Restaurant Amador is part of the beautiful Villa Guadalupe hotel, a charming boutique hotel located in the luxurious residential neighbourhood of El Atabal, originally a Dutch colony, which you can find out more about here.



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